Giving Your Cell Phone Videos and Pictures Away For Free!

Did you know when you post your videos and pictures on social media anyone can use them without permission or compensation? Did you know that the TV News Shows and Newspapers indirectly make money off of your images? The more compelling the images used the more people watch and read. Larger ratings and more readers equal more advertising money. So why shouldn't you get paid? They ask you for your weather shots, police beatings and shootings and other crimes and fires, not to mention your cute kid and animal videos. Did you know they hire staff just to comb FaceBook and Istagram for your images and videos. They just take it and use it without paying you. I have been making money for years selling what YOU give away for free.

If you shoot anything compelling, crimes, fires, accidents police misconduct, anything, send you video or images to office@multimedianetworknews.com with a complete caption of what it is and where it happened. Also we need your name, address and phone number. We will offer your images for sale to the news shows and newspapers, that's how you too can make money with your cell phone videos and pictures.

Author: Anthony Fioranelli
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Last revised: September 11, 2013